EXIT 314 is Roadhouse Rock . . . If you're down around San Antonio, Texas . . . y'all come hear us

Roots Rock  |  Blues & Jump Blues  |  New Stuff (when they get it right)  |  ev'n a li'l Country

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Do you have some place in mind you'd like to invite EXIT 314 to play? Please use our contact form to fill in what you have in mind and we will contact you to arrange the details.

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You may also contact us by phone at: (210) 240-9041

The best part of playing is getting to enjoy your company, and . . . We're sharing the love with our guestbook as well as Facebook and Band Mix pages. We look forward to comments anyone wishes to share with us / about us. Members of the band will often be found contributing their own thoughts and responses along with everyone else. But, (and in addition) we also have email addresses for sending your greetings to the band - if you want to send it to just (a) particular guy(s) then put their name in the subject line. OK? That address is exit314@exit314rocks.com

Web site issues or suggestions (or secret admirers) may contact the webmaster at: webmaster@exit314rocks.com

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